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My journey in glass began nineteen years ago during my degree course at the University of Central Lancashire, where I gained an Honours Degree in 3D Design, specialising in hot glass.

For the next seven years I worked with  a number of inspirational glass makers at  Peter Layton's London Glassblowing Workshop. A move to Brazil gave me the opportunity to set up a glass studio as well as experiencing different working environments amongst industrial glass makers. On my return to England I started up my own successful studio in Hertfordshire which brought many new challenges as a solo artist.

I rejoined Peter and London Glassblowing in 2006.

My introduction to hot glass has given me an insatiable desire to explore this medium to its limits. I find glass with its colour, physicality and myriad qualities, an inspiration in itself. Further inspiration is drawn from natural forms and colour.
Many of my pieces are a synthesis of techniques intended for a harmonious resolution created from a complex multi-colored blank, overlaid with transparent and opaque layers of colour with clear glass. These are then carved to create a textured surface exposing strata and veins, this technique is demonstrated in my 'Scarify' series.

My new series of work has a conceptual underpinning, using glass as a seductive medium to provoke thoughts and to contemplate social issues.   Traditional techniques and forms are used and combined with contemporary ideas, this body of work will be touring with the Crafts Council's new exhibition, "Breath Taking".


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